mardi 3 mai 2022

Paramétrage APN pour abonnement Sosh sur LineageOS

Sosh ne fonctionne pas par défaut sur LineageOS et le service client a été incapable de me dépanner.

Il semble que LineageOS se distingue par le fait qu’on séléctionne un APN alors que Sosh veut qu’on en paramètre deux.

Pour être clair, voici ce que je voulais obtenir (finalement très classique) :

  • faire un appel téléphonique
  • recevoir un appel téléphonique
  • envoyer un SMS et un MMS
  • recevoir un SMS et un MMS

Tout ça uniquement avec la 4G, et en utilisant les applications ordinaires (Téléphone pour les appels et QKSMS pour les SMS et MMS).

Le paramétrage d’APN qui a fonctionné pour moi (Samsung A5/2017 de seconde main) :

  • Nom : Orange Lineage
  • APN : orange
  • Proxy :
  • Port : 8080
  • Nom d’utilisateur : orange
  • Mot de passe : orange
  • Proxy MMS :
  • Port MMS : 8080
  • MCC : 208
  • MNC : 01
  • Type d’authentification : PAP
  • Type d’APN : default,mms,supl
  • Protocole APN : IPv4
  • Protocole APN en itinérance : IPv4
  • Activer/Désactiver l’APN (grisé) : APN activé
  • Réseau : Non spécifié
  • Type MVNO : Aucun

Tout le reste est « Non défini ».

dimanche 25 août 2019

Hugin Panorama Creator with the Fairphone 2

The computer has more options for stitching photos together than digital cameras have. Hugin Panorama Creator is free software and gives excellent results. However, to work correctly, Hugin needs the correct information for the lens used to take the photos! It is uncanny how inadequate lens data can impede Hugin’s algorithms to the point of rendering them absolutely useless.

The Fairphone 2 is not actually a digital camera for a start, and it is a niche phone at that. No wonder, that Hugin knows nothing about its lenses.

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samedi 24 août 2019

Personal accounting automation, and password caching on Linux

Personal accounting management is a tedious task: logging in to each bank’s web portal, checking for new PDF documents to download, then downloading for each account a “computer-friendly” record of transactions since the previous visit. And this is only to get the data…

All banks seem to agree on using the PDF format for “official communication”. For files intended to be imported into accounting software, however, anything is possible: csv, qif, ofx, or even nothing (that’s Oney…). Besides, the downloading process is not always satisfactory: the HTML forms to fill may be a bit buggy, the downloaded files sometimes have the wrong encoding, the included labels may not be as informative as those found on the web site…

Then I discovered boobank, from the Weboob software collection. This awesome tool can automatically login to each bank, and then convert the web site’s paged list of transactions into a standard format, such as ofx!

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mardi 26 février 2019

Fun with Kanban, episode 2

So… You were aboard a space-ship, and you crashed on a planet after hitting an asteroid. Welcome to the excellent game Blackvoxel!

As we saw in the first episode, from the wreckage you salvaged a base machine, which is the foundation on which you slowly rebuild the technology and equipment you were used to.

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jeudi 21 février 2019

Fun with Kanban, episode 1

(yes, the title is a nod at something… guess what!)

You are aboard a space-ship, and you crash on the nearby planet after hitting an asteroid. Thus begins the tale of Blackvoxel. From the wreckage, you salvage a base machine, and you are still under the protection of your space-suit. Much like Matt Damon in The Martian, you are alone, and you have to make do with your environment and the salvaged equipment…

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dimanche 23 septembre 2018

IRIScan Mouse Executive 2 on Linux, sort of…

The IRIScan mouse is a neat little device! Its scanning function works really well and fast, for such a little piece of hardware, and the mouse function is surprisingly familiar: no extra weight, no extra bulk. It could be perfect.


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jeudi 9 novembre 2017

Google Chrome is great? Think again…

The Chrome web browser won market-share fast, and still is. But people tend to forget who is behind Chrome. Now Google (or should I say Alphabet?) decided that their Chrome browser feeling faster is worth breaking web sites and going against the established standards that make the Web an open  […]

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lundi 6 novembre 2017

Git is available again… again!

Yeah… sorry about that… The long-awaited change of server that I had been planning for more than a year has finally happened :-) It took some time, and things are coming back online one piece at a time… On the good side, Git has become easier to browse and use. See here:

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