Change the default file manager for Cairo-dock / Glx-dock applets

I had much difficulty changing the default file manager for the “Quick browser” and the “Shortcuts” applets from Cairo-dock. The Internet was no help for once, but find and grep were ;)

So, to change the file-manager, you have to edit the ~/.local/share/applications/defaults.list file, locate the line starting with “x-scheme-handler/file=” (although it cannot be bad to also change the line starting with “inode/directory=”), and change the application to the one you want.

Most available applications can be found in /usr/share/applications under most Linux distributions. If the application you want does not have its own desktop file, you can create one in ~/.local/share/applications/, or simply use the exo system from the XFCE project : choose you favourite application with the exo-preferred-applications command, then choose “exo-file-manager.desktop” in the fore-mentioned file.

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