Today, I wanted to synchronize my Minetest worlds between two computers. I did not want that the data reside on the server only; I needed local, synchronized, storage. But one just-generated Minetest world is already about 1.5MB.

Having searched the Internet a bit, it occurred to me that the solution to my problem is really simple, just well hidden.

The Nginx documentation says that the client_max_body_size parameter is allowed for all contexts, in particular for the location context, as it was used in my configuration. But I guess the version of Nginx in Debian stable is too old; anyway, this directive is just ignored.

In order to have a fully working synchronization of files by ownCloud, it was enough to create a file named /etc/nginx/conf.d/clientmaxbodysize.conf with this contents:

client_max_body_size 10000m;

This amounts to putting this line in the http context. It worked.