lundi 16 décembre 2013

“If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”… or should I?

For a whole week (from the 2nd to the 8th of December), when visiting my web site, you got this message instead:

Due to a disk failure, the domain is currently running on a back-up server, and some features are not fully functional.

I will try to restore this site to its normal state as soon as possible. Please excuse the delay.

Here are some explanations.

Cet article est aussi disponible en français.

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samedi 14 décembre 2013

Panne de serveur terminée, j’espère…

Pendant une semaine (du 2 au 8 décembre), vous avez eu droit au message suivant :

Suite à une panne de disque, le domaine fonctionne en mode dégradé. La remise en route est progressive et sur un matériel de remplacement temporaire.

Je vais tâcher de rétablir le site normal au plus vite. Veuillez excuser le délai.

Voici quelques explications.

This article has been translated to English.

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mardi 26 novembre 2013

Configure PHP with Nginx only once for several aliases

When I first installed Nginx, I discovered that PHP configuration was much less straightforward than it was with Apache. In my case, PHP is used both on the main “root” site, and with several “alias” locations. Besides, some of these locations use a feature called “path info” that definitely added some spice to the challenge!

While this article was written in the context of Debian Linux Wheezy, I’m sure it is not very different with other distributions.

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samedi 20 avril 2013

Transmission daemon and error 409 on Debian

Let me start this new blog with a tip for those using Transmission daemon on Debian stable.

For some reason, following a recent system update, I could not access the Transmission daemon anymore. I was getting a "409: Conflict" error.

I previously had this Apache config for accessing the Transmission daemon:

ProxyPass /transmission/ http://localhost:9091/
ProxyPassReverse /transmission/ http://localhost:9091/

I had to change this to the following configuration, to make it work:

ProxyPass /transmission http://localhost:9091/transmission
ProxyPassReverse /transmission http://localhost:9091/transmission

Notice the absence of trailing slashes; everyone on the web advises against them in the case of Transmission. I can now access the web UI with https://myserver/transmission/web/.


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