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jeudi 9 novembre 2017

Google Chrome is great? Think again…

The Chrome web browser won market-share fast, and still is. But people tend to forget who is behind Chrome.

Now Google (or should I say Alphabet?) decided that their Chrome browser feeling faster is worth breaking web sites and going against the established standards that make the Web an open platform. That’s bad.

I’ve been using Firefox since it first appeared, not because it is the fastest, nor because it is the best, but because it is free software, backed by an organisation that pursues its users’ best interests and protects their privacy. Here’s one more reason to do so, if one was needed.

The icing over the cake is that Firefox is getting really fast! If you’ve been using Chrome, think again…

samedi 6 septembre 2014

Bien identifier les publicités lors des recherches web

Je trouve que les publicités se repèrent de plus en plus difficilement dans les pages des moteurs de recherche.

Les publicités peuvent être utiles et, bien ciblées en fonction de la recherche que l’on effectue, s’avérer pertinentes. De plus, elles financent de nombreux sites de passionnés, qui comptent sur elles pour payer l’hébergement d’un site ou pour partiellement rétribuer leur travail sur un logiciel libre.

Loin de moi l’idée de supprimer les publicités des résultats de recherche, donc. Par contre, je tiens à ce qu’elles se détachent bien du reste.

This article has been translated to English.

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mardi 11 mars 2014

Synchronize Firefox Mobile with your own Sync server

If you run your own Sync server, and tried to synchronize your Firefox Mobile browser, you may have been blocked by the “Invalid server URL” message. Or, if you added your device using the easy method of typing three strings of four characters, then the synchronization is accepted, but nothing ever gets synchronized (silent failure).

If your configuration is anything like mine, it turns out that the problem is with the SSL ciphers being used: Firefox Mobile is using RC4-SHA.

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jeudi 31 octobre 2013

Synchronize Firefox on your Weave Minimal server through Nginx

A long time ago, I installed Weave Minimal on my Apache server, so that I could synchronize Firefox without having to rely on a third-party server.

This Weave server is now officially deprecated, but I still use it because it works, and it is really light-weight! Someone recognized this and is now proposing a new weave-minimal server; I did not try it, but if you have nothing installed yet, it may be a better choice.

In this blog post, I explain how to configure the Nginx web server for the old Weave Minimal.

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vendredi 10 mai 2013

Bootable flash drive for both Linux and Windows: part 4

This blog post is part of a small series, with the aim of configuring a bootable USB flash drive for portable use on any PC. The main target is a full portable Linux OS, but I will also address the Windows OS, for those times when you have no choice ;-)

This fourth part is about the portable Windows applications.

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