dimanche 3 mai 2015

Nginx and php-fpm with Debian Jessie

With the new Debian Jessie, I found that my PHP pages would all be displayed as blank pages, even though all regular HTML pages would display correctly. This comes from the fact that the SCRIPT_FILENAME parameter has been removed from the /etc/nginx/fastcgi_params file. A new file, named  […]

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lundi 6 avril 2015

File synchronization with ownCloud using Nginx on Debian

ownCloud is great! I chose it with the aim of sharing contacts and calendars with my server more reliably, and it is working perfectly.

After having used ownCloud for some time, I got interested in its file synchronization feature. Unfortunately, even though I heeded all the advice given in the documentation, I could not get any file bigger than 1MB to synchronize. Since I had no real use for this feature (I use NFS and SSHFS), I just moved on… until today.

Cet article existe aussi en français.

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Synchronisation de fichiers par ownCloud avec Nginx sur Debian

ownCloud est super ! Je l’ai choisi pour fiabiliser la gestion des contacts et des calendriers sur mon serveur, et ça fonctionne parfaitement.

Après avoir utilisé ownCloud un moment, je me suis intéressé à sa fonctionnalité de partage de fichiers. Cependant, bien que j’aie suivi toutes les recommandations de la documentation, il restait impossible de synchroniser des fichiers de taille supérieure à 1 Mo. N’ayant pas vraiment l’utilité de cette fonctionnalité (j’utilise NFS et SSHFS), j’ai simplement laissé tomber… jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

This article has been translated to English.

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mardi 11 mars 2014

Synchronize Firefox Mobile with your own Sync server

If you run your own Sync server, and tried to synchronize your Firefox Mobile browser, you may have been blocked by the “Invalid server URL” message. Or, if you added your device using the easy method of typing three strings of four characters, then the synchronization is accepted, but nothing ever gets synchronized (silent failure).

If your configuration is anything like mine, it turns out that the problem is with the SSL ciphers being used: Firefox Mobile is using RC4-SHA.

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mercredi 12 février 2014

Upgrade Prosody from version 0.8.x to version 0.9.x

When I tried to upgrade Prosody on my Debian server, I had errors, that one would not necessarily expect from just reading the release notes. Thankfully, the problem was easily solved.

Cet article est aussi disponible en français.

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Mise à jour de Prosody de la version 0.8.x à la version 0.9.x

Quand j’ai voulu mettre à jour Prosody sur mon serveur sous Debian, j’ai eu des erreurs, pas forcément prévisibles en lisant les notes de versions. La correction a heureusement été très simple.

This article has been translated to English.

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vendredi 7 février 2014

Why buy a domain name? Secure web.

Up to now, I have been using a free domain name from Dyn. All was well, so why would I change anything?

After a first answer in the form of a post about emails, I will now talk about the web, the secure version of which (HTTPS), can really only work well in web browsers if a “real” domain name is being used. While I am at it, I will add some further tips concerning email.

Cet article est aussi disponible en français.

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jeudi 6 février 2014

Pourquoi un nom de domaine ? Par exemple pour sécuriser le web…

J’utilisais auparavant un nom de domaine gratuit enregistré chez Dyn. Tout fonctionnait bien. Pourquoi changer ?

Après un premier billet sur la messagerie, je vais donner cette fois-ci l’exemple du web sécurisé (HTTPS), qui ne fonctionne vraiment bien dans les navigateurs qu’avec un « vrai » nom de domaine. J'en profiterai aussi pour aborder un aspect complémentaire lié à la messagerie.

This article has been translated to English.

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mardi 26 novembre 2013

Configure PHP with Nginx only once for several aliases

When I first installed Nginx, I discovered that PHP configuration was much less straightforward than it was with Apache. In my case, PHP is used both on the main “root” site, and with several “alias” locations. Besides, some of these locations use a feature called “path info” that definitely added some spice to the challenge!

While this article was written in the context of Debian Linux Wheezy, I’m sure it is not very different with other distributions.

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jeudi 31 octobre 2013

Synchronize Firefox on your Weave Minimal server through Nginx

A long time ago, I installed Weave Minimal on my Apache server, so that I could synchronize Firefox without having to rely on a third-party server.

This Weave server is now officially deprecated, but I still use it because it works, and it is really light-weight! Someone recognized this and is now proposing a new weave-minimal server; I did not try it, but if you have nothing installed yet, it may be a better choice.

In this blog post, I explain how to configure the Nginx web server for the old Weave Minimal.

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