dimanche 12 mai 2013

NTFS and modular boot for TinyCore Linux

TinyCore Linux is an awesome tiny Linux distribution. Better yet, TinyCore is made to be built on, and that’s just what I decided to do, build on it in order to match my exact needs:

  • I want to be able to install TinyCore Linux on an NTFS partition, and all NTFS partition should open with NTFS-3G by default.
  • I want a more modular startup, with a list of packages to load for firmware, another list for filesystems support, yet another for desktop applications, and so on.

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mercredi 8 mai 2013

Bootable flash drive for both Linux and Windows: part 1

This blog post starts a small series, with the aim of configuring a bootable USB flash drive for portable use on any PC. The main target is a full portable Linux OS, but I will also address the Windows OS, for those times when you have no choice ;-)

This first part is about the flash drive itself.

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