jeudi 21 janvier 2016

Command-line and Web Interface for Paperwork

I am very fortunate that one jflesch on GitHub decided one day to create Paperwork! This excellent program evolved very quickly and is still improving. I manage all my official documents, invoices, and such, in Paperwork. Scan by scan, PDF import by PDF import, I am slowly approaching the 2000 documents, or 5000 pages. This program has proved invaluable in the past year alone, both for speeding up the processing of new documents, and for looking for old documents.

Yet I miss one feature: the possibility to search the database of documents (which is on my home server) from any computer or mobile device, without having to launch Paperwork, which is only installed on the main family PC.

Besides, as I often connect to my server from distant places using OpenSSH, the possibility to do command-line searches would be a big improvement over my current use of find, grep, etc. Or I should rather say, my former use of find, grep, etc. Because…

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dimanche 3 mai 2015

Nginx and php-fpm with Debian Jessie

With the new Debian Jessie, I found that my PHP pages would all be displayed as blank pages, even though all regular HTML pages would display correctly. This comes from the fact that the SCRIPT_FILENAME parameter has been removed from the /etc/nginx/fastcgi_params file. A new file, named  […]

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mardi 26 novembre 2013

Configure PHP with Nginx only once for several aliases

When I first installed Nginx, I discovered that PHP configuration was much less straightforward than it was with Apache. In my case, PHP is used both on the main “root” site, and with several “alias” locations. Besides, some of these locations use a feature called “path info” that definitely added some spice to the challenge!

While this article was written in the context of Debian Linux Wheezy, I’m sure it is not very different with other distributions.

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