jeudi 23 janvier 2014

Compress the mobile web even further - both HTTP and HTTPS

As already stated in a previous post, there are a couple of reasons why you may want to compress the data you receive from the Internet. The main reason is the cost associated with mobile data transfers.

Unfortunately, the previous post only dealt with HTTP, whereas more and more web sites force HTTPS on us, starting with Google. This post exposes another solution, that is suitable for both protocols.

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Optimize your mobile data plan ;-)

Unlimited Internet on your mobile phone is not the norm, yet. So you have to rely on Wifi, and on a limited amount of data that can be exchanged through your mobile data plan. Let me show you how to expand the latter, for free. This will only work for free if you already have a Internet-facing server available somewhere, with Linux on it. You must also be allowed to configure a proxy on your mobile phone.

Note that this post is also relevant to situations where you have a very low-bandwidth Internet connection, provided that your server is remotely-hosted.

Here we go…

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