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jeudi 5 février 2015

Moving Transmission-daemon’s files

I first heard of BitTorrent when Mandriva began encouraging its users to download the Linux distribution’s ISO files using BitTorrent, in order to lessen the load on Mandriva’s servers. Yet it is somewhat recently that I began to actually use it. To this end, I installed the transmission-daemon package from Debian.

Lacking experience and expectations regarding the BitTorrent protocol and Transmission, I simply set the latter up with /data/partial as the directory for the temporary files, and /data/share as the final destination for completed downloads; the latter is the place where I put all my shared files (LAN-wide). I thought that I would move the completed downloads to the right subdirectories as they appear…

There is a problem with this configuration: the BitTorrent protocol expects you to share (“seed”) what you have downloaded from other users, thus preventing you from removing the files once you have them. Of course, I wish to keep these files, but elsewhere!

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samedi 20 avril 2013

Transmission daemon and error 409 on Debian

Let me start this new blog with a tip for those using Transmission daemon on Debian stable.

For some reason, following a recent system update, I could not access the Transmission daemon anymore. I was getting a "409: Conflict" error.

I previously had this Apache config for accessing the Transmission daemon:

ProxyPass /transmission/ http://localhost:9091/
ProxyPassReverse /transmission/ http://localhost:9091/

I had to change this to the following configuration, to make it work:

ProxyPass /transmission http://localhost:9091/transmission
ProxyPassReverse /transmission http://localhost:9091/transmission

Notice the absence of trailing slashes; everyone on the web advises against them in the case of Transmission. I can now access the web UI with https://myserver/transmission/web/.