Setup of a multi-purpose home-server using Ansible: systemd, nftables, port-knocking, etckeeper, Let’s Encrypt, dynamic DNS, OpenLDAP, SSO, mail, PostgreSQL, Dotclear, Gitea, Nextcloud, NFS, XMPP, print & scan, DLNA, Transmission, iodine…
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# The home-server project produces a multi-purpose setup using Ansible.
# Copyright © 2018 Y. Gablin, under the GPL-3.0-or-later license.
# Full licensing information in the LICENSE file, or if the file is missing.
- name: enforce max_user_watches limit
command: sysctl --system
- name: restart minidlna.service
daemon_reload: true
name: minidlna.service
state: restarted
- name: restart lxdm.socket
daemon_reload: true
name: lxdm.socket
state: restarted