38 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Y 8aaa04389f ipset support; fixes #1 4 years ago
Yves G f3b674ca26 dnat actions: simulate a transparent proxy, where logs are concerned 4 years ago
Y e8d7d8df5c fix in action_nftBan documentation 4 years ago
Y 60b7f11176 filter_inNetworks: allow an IP as a network (mask = /32 or /128) 5 years ago
Y 0140a934c2 action_log: log to systemd, aka. enable recidive detection 5 years ago
Y c5135e847a filter_inNetworks: check if IP is in one of the given networks 5 years ago
Y fb6a69c40e detect loops while building the workflow, not after: faster, better 5 years ago
Y 71a9ba321f daily report: see all, none, first, last, or first+last times 5 years ago
Y 7f8ae95a5f remove Capabilities limit: it causes failure on external commands 5 years ago
Y cbb15ae4ab install.md 5 years ago
Y 91b1f15a9d documentation 5 years ago
Y 2cd37db196 fix action_nftBan for usage with pyruse-boot 5 years ago
Yves G d0b33c7191 pyruse-boot systemd unit becomes a prerequisite of pyruse when enabled 5 years ago
Yves G 50a4be71f0 fix missing sys and conf error in pyruse-boot 5 years ago
Y 901da5a367 more visible HTML tables in the daily report 5 years ago
Y 6f557f347e Avoid SMTP errors (lines >998 characters) using quoted-printable 5 years ago
Y 75800a616f CAP_SYS_ADMIN needed for running commands in a container (nsenter) 5 years ago
Yves G 6a5de578bb use a fallback 8bit decoding for non-utf8 messages 5 years ago
Y 9ddc8394d4 action_nftBan: do not fail on delete; only on add 5 years ago
Y 2a73c2d81f fix unwanted loops: do not actually reuse a chain unless it is a dead-end + check for loops 5 years ago
Yves G dea4b5a016 switch from Step.run() recursion to Step.run()-in-a-loop to avoid too-deep call stacks 5 years ago
Yves G 14bda0a09b let the whole code enter this new year 2018 :-) 5 years ago
Yves G 07ae8164cd fix None handling in filters 5 years ago
Yves G 50075efcfb make the dailyReport able to cope with restarts 5 years ago
Yves G 4b42b69b49 better memory management for counters 5 years ago
Yves G fd1f801808 set PWD to /etc/pyruse in systemd units 5 years ago
Yves G cbe3fc2f56 fix bugs in main.py 5 years ago
Yves G aa47d9805b fix bugs in config.py 5 years ago
Yves G 91b65d8e1e optionally store names taken from the configuration file to ease debugging 5 years ago
Yves G f58781adad no more fallbacks 5 years ago
Yves G d73780cacd "then" is now applicable to filters as well as actions 5 years ago
Y 298a4c3a11 more filters 5 years ago
Y 2680405c89 better-organized unit tests 5 years ago
Y 98be1c89db setup and configuration information 5 years ago
Y 018441b27d systemd units 5 years ago
Y 86f27e8aa3 filter to match any number of regex + noop action == a reject filter 5 years ago
Y 03b36437f0 daily journal temporary storage in a file 5 years ago
Y fc864feca4 init 5 years ago