Lightweight replacement to both epylog and fail2ban.
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# pyruse is intended as a replacement to both fail2ban and epylog
# Copyright © 2017–2018 Y. Gablin
# Full licensing information in the LICENSE file, or if the file is missing.
from pyruse.filters.filter_in import Filter
def whenNotInListThenFalse():
assert not Filter({"field": "v", "values": [0, "test"]}).filter({"v": 3})
def whenInListSameTypeThenTrue():
assert Filter({"field": "v", "values": [2]}).filter({"v": 2})
def whenInListDiffTypeThenTrue():
assert Filter({"field": "v", "values": [2.0]}).filter({"v": 2})
def whenNoFieldThenFalse():
assert not Filter({"field": "v", "values": [0]}).filter({"other": 0})
def unitTests():