Simple old game in python, kept as a souvenir :-)
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This is a simple game, that I wrote when I was 10-to-12 year old, using Basic on a TO7/70.

This version has been ported to the Pygame framework. As I still like to play with this game sometimes, I quickly added some features, most notably the 3D view, some help, and the final animation.

Keys when the game launches:

  • ESC: quit
  • +: bigger maze
  • : smaller maze
  • anything else: start playing

Keys while playing:

  • ESC: quit
  • H: switch between 2D and 3D (the 2D view has become the “help” view)
  • : go 1 step forward
  • : go 1 step backward
  • : turn to the left
  • : turn to the right
  • 0 to 9 on the keypad: set how long the “foot-steps” remain visible (0 by default)
  • or + on the keypad: lower or raise the above setting by a value of 5 (relative change)
  • * on the keypad: set a pre-defined value to the visibility of the “foot-steps”