26 Commits (master)

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  Yves G 6247e9c521 Motion video-surveillance 8 months ago
  Yves G dadcc29daf gitea: the documentation now says to have an empty port when using a Unix socket 10 months ago
  Yves G ce8bce106b prerequisites and dependencies improved 10 months ago
  Yves G 7165a3ef48 AUR: Archlinux now has several package formats 10 months ago
  Yves G 94bc0c9392 prosody: IMAP authentication 1 year ago
  Y 92f8844964 from python2 to python3 1 year ago
  theYinYeti@yalis.fr 56c082b7df misc. playbook fixes 1 year ago
  theYinYeti@yalis.fr 817bbe9f81 server bootstrap fixes 1 year ago
  Y d31350f130 nftables: adapt to new j2 syntax 1 year ago
  Y 54398ce7e9 lool: fix disabling of TLS 1 year ago
  Y cc49f17eb4 nextcloud: a step towards a better configuration 2 years ago
  Y 7c8fe270b4 nfs: sections are now already commented-out 2 years ago
  Y 7f6725225f mediaplayer/kodi: disable X11 DPMS 2 years ago
  Y 716c1f79ac exim: new upstream configuration of smarthosts 2 years ago
  Y 462c157ca1 php: php-imagick is now an Arch package 2 years ago
  Y 281726fef3 Nextcloud: better configuration 2 years ago
  Y 096a32a7ad ihmgit_back: user “gitea” instead of “git” 2 years ago
  Y 066781ed17 new “gitea” user; for now, ensure that “git” still runs Gitea 2 years ago
  Y 2c4c64a945 cups: printers.conf changes too often; ignore it 2 years ago
  Y 972aff9ce7 kodi-addons-adsp is not its own package-group any more 2 years ago
  Y dcb833f0b1 privatebin changed its config file 3 years ago
  Y c5306e6b09 prosody switched to lua5.2 and natively includes csi 3 years ago
  Y 550d828e7a Gitea moved from AUR to community 3 years ago
  Y 807b01c97b exim+dovecot: let recipient-check work; fixes #6 3 years ago
  Y 6e9be16807 ihmgit/gitea: configure attachments’ allowed mime types 3 years ago
  Y 4bd3c54bbf 1yr-old; first commit 3 years ago